Our Story

Our goal is simple: to DAZZLE your taste buds, to NOURISH your spirit and body with the best fuel on the planet, and to WELCOME you in as part of our family for food, fun, and compassion. Although we do not judge or preach, every meal at GreenSpace is a VOTE for KINDNESS, HEALTH, and LOVE for the planet Earth.

To create a place where the right thing is the easy and enjoyable thing to do. Guided by one of the leading health experts in the country, our menu celebrates the connection between quality food choices and health information to our cells.

Our commitment is to serve locally sourced and fresh plant based custom-crafted meals and beverages coupled with an amazing experience.

GreenSpace is a refuge where joy, health and delicious tastes come together.

Kindness is our credo for the body, to the planet, and to animals. We look to build healthier and sustainable communities in terms of both physical and spiritual goals, and believe that peace begins on the plate when filled with delicious plant -great foods.